These Photos Prove That EXO Lay Is More Talented Than You Realize

EXO is a group known for their striking visuals, vocals and dance ability, but one member is a rising international star who takes things to an entirely new level.

Many of the multi-talented members of EXO are renowned for their ability to dance, but Lay in particular has had some of the most exciting performances out of the nine-member group. Known for stretching the confines of dancing most idols stay within, Lay has experimented with and explored multiple mediums and environments in which to practice his art. Check out some of his steamiest and most powerful work:

Lay dance 1
Lay’s exploration of wet dance environments heightens the emotions he’s able to convey with his body.

lay dance 11 (2)
Aside from experimenting with stage mediums, Lay can perform astounding physical feats—no surprise considering that dancing is his specialty.

lay dance 11 (3)
Lay commands the stage with his presence at a recent concert.

lay dance 11 (4)
Despite most stages being quite expansive and large, this artist manages to completely fill it up with his charisma and talent.

lay dance 11 (1)
Unfazed by danger, Lay plays with a beautiful pink haze during a performance.

lay dance 12
Sexy AND cute—find yourself a man who can do both.

lay dance 7
Dancing is all about sharp movements, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have visuals that are just as sharp (ouch! just got cut by that jawline).

lay dance 13
Long sleeves, long pants? No problem; a master like Lay always has a full range of movement.

lay dance 5
Perhaps Lay’s most iconic work—rainwater soaks the performer and makes the show glisten and shine.

lay dance 3
There is no better description of this scene than “purely magical.”

Check out Lay‘s latest MV from his solo debut (beware of ensuing drooling):