These photos prove how graceful and dramatic TWICE’s Mina is when dancing

TWICE‘s Mina serenaded the audience with her graceful and beautiful dancing at the SBS Gayo Daejun event.

The JYP Entertainment artist stood out due to her lovely dancing and expressions as she performed with her fellow member, Momo.

Dressed in a black silk top and long, see-through black skirt, Mina danced like a ballet princess. Fans couldn’t help but stare in awe over her beautiful appearance and lovely dance.

Mina’s expressions were also caught on camera as she passionately danced and they were perfectly in synch with the song she was dancing too. Her gestures which were elegant yet powerful made the performance a work of art..

A fan captured Mina’s graceful dancing on film. Check out the video below!

Check out Mina’s beautiful dancing captured in the photos below!

Mina’s powerful expression is captured during her graceful dance performance.
Mina danced like a ballet princess.
Mina continued to shine with her beautiful dance.
Mina serenades the audience with her lovely dance.
Her charasmatic expressions matched her passionate dancing.
Mina stared into the audience after her powerful dance performance.