These Photos Prove Oh My Girl’s Arin Has Been A Visual Goddess Since The Start

Beautiful since day one.

Everyone knows that Oh My Girl‘s baby maknae Arin is a visual goddess, and she has been praised numerous times for her looks.

These photos will prove that the idol has always been beautiful and that she’s been a whole visual since day one.

Let’s take a look at her baby photos. The idol was born in 1999, and all these photos come from the early ’00s. She’s been adorable since then, with squishable chubby cheeks and striking eyes. She even knows how to pose for pictures despite being a kid!

When Oh My Girl debuted, Arin received praise for her doe-like, innocent visuals. She still had baby fat on her cheeks that everyone wanted to pinch and sported pigtails with bangs. She was (and still is!) a whole cutie!

Now that the idol has bloomed into a lady, her look has matured. She no longer sports bangs and wears her hair down most of the time. Even her make-up style has changed! She lost her baby fat and now looks like an adult. Don’t grow up too fast, Arin!

Arin is one of K-Pop’s top visuals right now, with some fans and netizens even calling her a visual queen. And as she continues to grow and bloom, she deserves that title.

Source: Pann