These Photos Of Red Velvet’s Joy Proves She’s 100% Girlfriend Material

Best girlfriend award.

Red Velvet‘s Joy is the girlfriend of everyone’s dreams in these Instagram photos. Is there anyone as effortlessly beautiful as her?

The idol’s Instagram is full of photos of her taken while she travels or while she goes out and relaxes. Whether she be posing for the camera or snapping a candid photo, Joy looks positively bright and blooming!

She has owned what fans have started calling “the girlfriend aesthetic.” The majority of her photos seem to be taken by someone else rather than selfies, and it’s always in locations that most agree are date-worthy. Wouldn’t it be a dream to be able to go on a date with Joy?

Joy seems to like hanging out in what Koreans call “hot place,” which means she loves hanging out in places that are trendy with the youth. Whether it be a cafe or a restaurant, Joy manages to look beautiful no matter where she goes. Some fans have wondered who she takes with her on her little dates. After all, they have them to thanks for all the beautiful photos of the idol!

Joy’s social media is a heaven for any Reveluvs, as they can catch a glimpse of what the idol does on her downtime as well as look through photos of the idol’s gorgeous face! Make sure to follow not only Joy but the other members of Red Velvet on Instagram!

Source: Pann

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