Photos Reveal Why Koreans Say Yoo In Na Has A “CGI Body”

Her body is so perfect that Koreans don’t believe their eyes.

Actress Yoo In Na‘s body is so perfect that Koreans call it a “CGI body” – and photos of her in a tight-fitting red dress prove why many don’t trust their eyes when they see her.


Her killer figure has been noted by netizens ever since she debuted as an actress in 2010.


Netizens compiled clips of the actress walking from dramas she filmed to show how nice her body line is.


But her outfit at the Fifan Festival in Busan got the most attention – and it’s clear to see why.


Yoo In Na’s perfect S-line was on full display – so symmetrical that netizens have likened it to a coke bottle.

  • “It’s really pretty …I envy that line.”
  • “Her body is like a coke bottle body.”
  • “It’s like the Sims.”
  • “Seriously, there’s not one part that’s disappointing. How can such a body exist?”


Combined with slim arms, a shapely bosom, and gorgeous legs, it really is the “ideal” CGI body, with Korean media naming it the body “that you look at, then look again, and still can’t believe“.


Her gracefulness and poise also earned her the moniker “Disney princess”.

  • “She’s like a Disney princess…God.”
  • “Wow, she really is like CGI, her balance is good.”
  • “Seriously wow, amazing!”
  • “Your body doesn’t make sense.”
  • “Your body is completely perfect? “


Not only is her body so amazing that many Koreans don’t trust it to be real, but her personality and talent match her physical beauty!

Yoo In Na is best friends with IU


Source: Osen and Instiz