These photos show BLACKPINK’s Lisa is still not used to having this many fans

BLACKPINK’s Lisa have been receiving lots of love from her beloved fans, and her reactions to them prove she’s still not used to being so popular.

BLACKPINK successfully debuted last year and has garnered lots of passionate fans. But group member Lisa in particular still can’t seem to believe how popular the group is yet. In fact, whenever she is met by a large crowd of fans, she can’t help but feel so shy that she hides in her own little imaginary shell after greeting them. How cute!

On one occassion, Lisa was spotted by fans as she was sitting inside a car. When Lisa saw fans greeting her, she gave a big smile and then immediately proceeded to cover her face with her clenched hands.

Another instance was when Lisa returned to home in Thailand for the Lunar New Year Holiday. In Thailand, Lisa has already become a top star and has even been dubbed the “Thailand Princess,” which appears to be too much for her to believe still. She once again returned to being very shy when fans recognized her at the airport.

These reactions show that Lisa is full of humility and appreciation even though she has already found success early in her career.

Source: Instiz