Photos show just how close BTS V is with his managers

Although fans already know how close BTS’s V is with the rest of his members, what some may not know is that he has a very close relationship with his managers as well!

Since BTS’s debut days, fans have noticed that V always tends to stay close to his managers when the group is in crowded areas, usually holding their hands or hanging off of them so he doesn’t get separated from the group.

These moments show that V isn’t only concerned for his fellow members, but he also has a respect and closeness for his managers and staff as well!

V has even been seen performing cute aegyo for them and giving them hugs!

V holds onto his managers shoulders like a puppy!

V doing cute aegyo in a bear mask, and Manager Sejin can’t help but crack a smile!

V clearly really loves his manager and ran to thank him after receiving their Daesang!

V still holds onto his manager’s hand while walking through the airport for safety.