These Photos Show Which Girls Generation Member Has The Sexiest Thighs

Even though her “Don’t Say No” promotions have ended, fans are still crazy about Girls Generation‘s Seohyun, but they’re especially crazy about her thighs.

According to Netizens, Seohyun has the sexiest thighs from all the girls in Girls Generation. With this statement, some could even say she has “honey thighs,” almost like how After Schooll’s Uee was. Hopefully, Seohyun will keep her body how it is and not do any dieting to get rid of her thighs!

Take a look at the thighs Netizens love:

Most recent evidence of how much netizens love Seohyun’s thighs.

During their promotions for Party in 2015, Seohyun revealed her sexy thighs while wearing shorts.
Seohyun was having fun on the stage for Party!
From the “You Think” promotions, Seohyun shows off her long legs in high-waisted shorts.
She should show off her honey thighs more often so fans can see how great they really are.
The Lion Heart stage outfit surely brought more attention to her legs with the fringed dress.
From her recent solo debut, Seohyun’s legs are shown off in her sexy, red dress.