Photos Show Taeyeon Is So Naturally Sexy She Doesn’t Even Need To Show Skin

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon is definitely one of the sexiest female idols in the industry because her sexiness radiates totally naturally.

When Taeyeon tried out a sexy concept for her song, “I Got Love,” many started to realize that while it’s common for idols to wear revealing clothes to achieve sexiness, Taeyeon manages to show her sexy side while staying modestly dressed.

Wearing just a loose t-shirt and basic black pencil skirt with sneakers, she casually runs her fingers through her hair, sending people’s hearts fluttering!

Taeyeon proves that sexiness and beauty come from within, and her confidence brings out the best in her. She is really one of the few people who looks great in anything, whether it be a simple tee or a stunning dress, Taeyeon has proven she is always sexy!

Check out more of photos showing Taeyeon can be sexy, without showing skin. 

Surrounded by roses, Taeyeon sits gracefully among the flowers and captures all hearts!

She does it again, but this time, there is no need to have any fancy props to set the mood, it’s all just the power of Taeyeon’s gazes.

Taeyeon slaying in her MV “I Got Love” / Source: SM Entertainment

Taeyeon’s sleek black hair and grey-blue contacts make her look incredibly sexy. / Source: SM Entertainment

Taeyeon is also incredibly sexy when she sings on stage, where she seems to shine the brightest!

Taeyeon in her MV “I”, with simple yet sexy makeup.

Even with a very casual plaid, Taeyeon relaxes and is instantly sexy!

Taeyeon’s beachy waves give her a new vibe that she rocks with no trouble at all!