These Photos Of TWICE’s Nayeon In Pigtails Radiate Big Baby Bunny Energy

Cause of death: Nayeon’s cuteness.

Nayeon is the oldest member of TWICE but she’s often called the “fake maknae” of the group because she is one of the cutest members as well. Add to that the fact that her animal counterpart is a bunny and you’ve got yourself a certified cuteness overload.

She’s known as a bunny because of her big two front teeth, but after seeing Nayeon in pigtails you’ll be convinced they’re actually bunny ears.

These photos were taken at the May 25 date of TWICE’s TWICELIGHTS tour.

Her precious “bunny teeth” smile + “bunny ear” pigtails + a schoolgirl plaid skirt has way too much BBBE (big baby bunny energy).

The perspective of this picture makes her look soooo smol (AKA, not good for our hearts!)

Please, Nayeon, we can’t handle any more cuteness!

The icing on the cuteness cake is the Lovely keychains she has pinned to her skirt.


Nayeon’s cute & she definitely knows it.



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