These Pictorials of Red Velvet’s Seulgi Prove That You Don’t Have To Be Tall To Look Like A Model

She was born to be a model.

Even though she’s just 160 cm (5’3″) she has been delighting our eyes by starring in editorial shoots for years. Here we have compiled some of these unique pictorials that have captured our attention.

1. Beauty+ (April 2019)

Seulgi has been praised and admired as a natural model after featuring in the April 2019 edition of Beauty+ magazine. The make-up and fashion styling made her look like a haute couture model. Her “hangover” make-up, long dark hair and the fitting location gave her an antique japanese doll look that has netizens asking for more model Seulgi pictorials.


2. GQ Korea (October 2018)

Blurry, grainy, personal and beautiful. Those are the main words that describe the pictorial Seulgi did for GQ Korea in October of 2018. She did an extensive interview with the magazine and these eye-pleasing pictures adorned her words perfectly.


3. Hypebeast Korea (August 2018)

Hypebeast is a magazine where female idols don’t usually appear, but for Seulgi they made the exception. Modelling the latest Converse sneakers she featured on the magazine in August of 2018 presenting a cool, fun and urban style, very fitting to the magazine’s views on fashion.


4. The Celebrity (June 2017)

The legend says that if you google the word “Stunning” then this Paris-inspired pictorial of Seulgi will appear in the results. The outstanding photography direction, appropriate French styling, and Seulgi’s own character makes this classy photoshoot a fan-favorite.


5. Singles (May 2017)

Considered one of the most artistic and modern pictorials, Seulgi appeared on the May issue of Singles magazine in 2017. Even though the pictures were mostly in black & white and cold hues, the artist still made hearts beat faster thanks to the mature feeling of the shoot and the tastefully intimate close-ups it included.


6. The Celebrity (Winter Edition 2017)

Seulgi adorned the 2017 Winter Edition of The Celebrity magazine. This time she rocked a dark concept with bold make-up, the direction of the pictorial had a casual but fashionable velvet concept, very suitable for the Red Velvet singer.


7. Allure Korea (March 2016)

She shined again on the March edition of Allure Korea in 2016. With expressive eye makeup and trendsetting clothes Seulgi looked comfortable, relaxed and incredibly cool.


8. Sure Magazine (January 2016)

Seulgi appeared on Sure Korea in January of 2016. The pictorial captured her dreamy looks and, despite being nervous because it was her first solo photoshoot, she ended up shining through the camera lens.

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