This Picture On Jennie’s Newly Unveiled Instagram Account Is Throwing BLINKs For A Loop

This is the blue & black dress all over again…

On August 8, the 3rd anniversary of BLACKPINK‘s debut, Jennie debuted her very own photography-based Instagram account. BLINKs have been loving going back to every single one of the 99 posts and gobbling up all of the photographic excellence. One post, however, left many BLINKs scratching their heads.

The post is a picture of a polaroid featuring Jennie and…. who? Judging from the hair and styling it was taken while BLACKPINK was filming “DDU-DU DDU-DU”. The picture is highly exposed and grainy, so BLINKs were having a hard time figuring out just who that is sitting next to Jennie. Some say it’s Rosé while most say it’s Jisoo.

  • “jensoo🖤🖤”
  • “Chaennie T______T💖”

BLINKs are pretty sure it’s one of the two of them, and if this is either Rosé or Jisoo they’d have to be wearing wigs to match Jennie, & the same exact outfit down to the earrings as both girls were styled much differently for the video.

But… what if it’s neither?

  • “Jisoo and jennie or jennie and jennie?”
  • “Guys, they are both Jennie🤣 Notice the earings and the cat eyes”

Upon closer inspection, it turns out Jennie simply edited the “polaroid” to feature two of herself.

This also isn’t the first time Jennie has opted for a double image in a polaroid as seen in the second image of her post below.

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In conclusion, Jennie is a photo editing master who gave BLINKs a headache with all of her