This Picture Of MONSTA X’s Kihyun And Shownu Makes No Sense And Fans Are Bamboozled

I don’t get it, do you get it?

Here’s MONSTA X‘s Kihyun taking selfies on stage, at their concert in Bangkok, Thailand. That’s cute and all – but fans couldn’t help but notice the screen behind him, showing both him and Shownu. Now MONBEBEs are confused AF as to how this picture came to be taken.


As you can see, Shownu isn’t anywhere close to Kihyun when Kihyun is taking his selfies. But behind Kihyun, on the large screen, there is Shownu standing right next to him – seemingly smiling into the cameras that he is holding. A completely confused Twitter account asked, “Wait… what? Is Shownu a ghost or something?”


Even in the fan videos capturing this moment, Shownu is nowhere to be find near Kihyun. Shownu is off on the other side of the stage, doing his own thing. MONBEBEs grew even more bamboozled after watching the video! This fan shared pure and utter confusion in the caption that reads, “I still don’t understand, even with the video. Where is Shownu? How was he in the same picture?”


MONBEBEs were about to lose their minds over this sorcery, but fortunately, camera smart fans came to the rescue and explained that it’s simply an angle trick being played. Right when Kihyun was about to be captured on the big screen, Shownu happened to have this arms spread backwards like this…


… and the camera caught both Shownu and Kihyun at such an angle that put them together like they’re side by side!


Those who understood what happened immediately became fascinated by the picture, created by complete coincidence!


But those who, even with the visual explanations, can’t quite wrap their heads around what happened here… are giving up and instead giving Shownu a bunch of new nicknames. Since this phenomenally weird picture was taken, Shownu has been called Shownu the Ghost, Shownu the Computer Graphics, Shownu the Augmented Reality, and of course, Shownu the Hologram.

Source: THEQOO


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