Pictures Show How Tiny IU’s Size 33 ½ Body Really Is

IU, keeping herself healthy and in shape, has proven to have a toned stomach and a slim waistline, but her overall body size is adorably small.

IU has always been noticeably petite but she’s actually tinier and cuter than she often looks.

Standing at a mere 5’4″ (162cm) tall, and only a size 33 1/2, the magic of television also hides IU’s petite size and makes her look a lot taller than she actually is.

Without a proper frame of reference, celebrities often appear taller than they truly are, and IU is no exception. Check out how tiny IU really is below!

She looks so petite even though she’s wearing heels!

IU makes herself even smaller for this “Night Letter” photoshoot
IU looks so cozy in a “tight-fitting” sweater. source:
Her clothes often look oversized.
IU is so tiny, she is easily dwarfed by the van next to her. source: