Pink Sweat$ Show’s He’s An NCTzen With Warm Support For NCT’s Jaehyun, Xiaojun And Doyoung

Now we can’t help but imagine the possibilities!

After an amazing collaboration with GOT7‘s BamBam on “Slow Mo,” Pink Sweat$ is once more raising fan’s hopes for another collaboration with a K-Pop idol—this time, with the members of NCT.

| @realpinksweats/Twitter

It’s not the first time that Pink Sweat$ shows support for NCT, but recently a fan tweeted that they would love to see Jaehyun cover his song “At My Worst,” which is a song that would suit Jaehyun’s warm voice.

To everyone’s delight, Pink Sweat$ himself replied to the tweet, saying “Great idea,” immediately firing everyone’s imaginations.

| @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram

While this does not indicate an imminent collaboration, Pink Sweat$’s solid support for Jaehyun can’t help but make fans hope that one day we could see a collaboration between them the way Pink Sweat$ collaborated with BamBam on “Slow Mo” this year.

And Jaehyun is not the only one who fans want to see sing with him! Last week, Pink Sweat$ also gave a cute shoutout to Xiaojun on Twitter, saying, “Xiaojun still my guy.”

Previously, Xiaojun made a soulful cover of “At My Worst,” and Pink Sweat$ still shows his appreciation for the WayV member to this day, even liking his social media posts…

Xiaojun’s Instagram on February 6, 2022 | @dabdabahgase/Twitter

…while Xiaojun shows his endless support for Pink Sweat$ as well.

Xiaojun’s Instagram story | @djxiao_888/Instagram via @realpinksweats/Twitter

Yet, Pink Sweat$’s NCTzen status is nothing new, as this all comes a couple of years after he showed warm support for Jaehyun and Doyoung, who both sang small clips of his song “Honesty.”

| @do0_nct/Instagram

It seems like Pink Sweat$ was not only impressed with the mini covers, but genuinely happy to share them, posting the video to his Twitter account and tagging NCT and the two members every which way.

Given the mutual admiration that the members of NCT and Pink Sweat$ have, it is hopefully not completely out of the question that a collaboration between them could happen. Particularly since Pink Sweat$’s work with BamBam proved he’s very interested in collaborating on K-Pop songs! For now though, fans would be happy just to hear a full cover of his songs by Jaehyun, Xiaojun and Doyoung—with more of Pink Sweat$’s enthusiastic support!


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