Pitchfork Highlights “HOME” As BTS’ Standout Track—Here’s Why

There’s just so much meaning to this song.

BTS’ new album, MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA has already broken a multitude of records.

Their latest album has already sold 1,479,930 copies on Hanteo–surpassing the previous record for albums sold in the first week of release (held by their previous album, Love Yourself: Tear, with 1,003,527 units in the first week).

Pitchfork is a website notorious for their critical reviews. Just hours after the album’s release, they singled out “HOME” as the standout track from BTS’ record-breaking release.

If you were to latch on to te song’s English lyrics, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a track about flaunting wealth and reveling in one’s come-up.

— Pitchfork

The website went on to quote Jimin’s verse in the pre-chorus, “The more I fill up the emptier I get/The more I’m with people the more I feel alone”, stating that behind the “big cars” and “flashing lights”, BTS is finding themselves unsatisfied.

“I wanna big house, big cars and big rings” — No More Dream, BTS

Pitchfork made reference to RM‘s solo work, “seoul”, where RM shared his conflicted views as “spokespersons for South Korea”.

[“seoul”], however, was outwardly melancholic—a huge contrast to the glimmering confidence that “HOME” seems to exude.

The review was closed with a look back at BTS’ message of “Love Yourself”.

While BTS fans have looked to their socially conscious messages for hope and inspiration, the chart-topping K-pop group make clear that they need consolation from others too, that even though they are literally the biggest band in the world right now, they’re still human.

As MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA continues to make waves internationally, we can’t wait for new insights on what BTS has prepared for us.