PIXY Share Their Future Goals, Artists They’d Like To Work With And More In Reddit “AMA”

Their thoughts on pineapple pizza might surprise you!

ALLART Entertainment‘s new girl group, PIXY, debuted late last month with their first digital single “Wings”! For new fans to get to know them better, they took to Reddit to host an “Ask Me Anything” session and talked about their hobbies, dreams and more!

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Here are some questions they were asked and their responses!

To start off, one fan asked them which artist they’d like to get to know, whether it’s for a collab or a friendship!

Ella: “Ariana Grande!!”


Sua: “CL!!!!”

Satbyeol: “IU.”

Lola: “Dua Lipa.”

Dajeong: “Zara Larsson.”

Dajeong. | @official_pixy/Twitter

Of course, fans wanted to know their favourite snacks!

Ella: “Ice-cream!”

Dia: “Macaron definitely!”

Sua: “Bread!!”

Satbyeol: “Anything Chocolate related.”

Lola: “Bread!!”

Dajeong: “Chocolate.”

Dia. | @official_pixy/Twitter

Idols get stressed just like the rest of us. One fan wanted to know what PIXY does to relieve their stress.

Ella: “Walking around [the] street!!!”

Dia: “Make a call to my family!!”

Sua: “Same as Dia.”

Satbyeol: “Spend time alone!!!!”

Lola: “Watching horror movie alone hahahahah.”

Dajeong: “Same as Dia.”

Ella. | @official_pixy/Twitter

Would an “Ask Me Anything” session really live up to its name if fans didn’t ask questions that spark a debate? One fan asked them if they liked pineapple pizza, and the response may surprise you!

Ella, Dia, Sua, Satbyeol and Lola: I love it!!!

Dajeong: no….. I hate it.

It’s not often that the majority agrees on pineapple pizza…

Lola. | @official_pixy/Twitter

Although they just debuted, most fans are already excited for their journey ahead–which includes a lot of different hair colours. Here are the colours the girls would most like to dye their hair!

Ella: “Light purple!!”

Dia: “Rainbow!”

Sua: “Rainbow!!!”

Satbyeol: “White :P”

Lola: “MINT :)”

Daejeong: “Grey :)”

Satbyeol. | @official_pixy/Twitter

The girls also dished on what their first impressions were when they first met each other!

Ella: “It was fun, expecting a lot!”

Dia: “They look so kind & nice :)”

Sua: “They look like family!!”

Satbyeol: “It was exciting!!”

Lola: “It was fun because I was the last member!!”

Daejeong: “They look so IDOL already!!”

Sua. | @official_pixy/Twitter

Finally, when they were asked what they wanted to achieve in the future, they had a unanimous response: they want to work on the production of their future albums!

We’re looking forward to hearing more (possibly self-produced) music from these girls, but for now you can support their debut single “Wings” by watching the MV below!

Source: Reddit