Plastic Surgeon Proposes To Woman Post-Surgery After Seeing How Beautiful She Became

Here’s her story.

A South Korean woman didn’t only get a new face after plastic surgery, but a marriage proposal as well!

Hyun Jang Jin once revealed in a local television program focusing on cosmetic surgery that she suffered greatly due to having so-called masculine looks. She originally sported a large square jaw, small lips, and close-set eyes.

She noted that she had a difficult time attracting the attention of the opposite sex, not receiving a single confession for over 30 years. She was also bullied by people who called her “stupid” due to her appearance.

Due to her lack of funds, she reached out to her old university for a loan to help with her plastic surgery costs. The results were jaw-dropping!

Hyun Jang Jin walked across the program’s stage with a huge smile on her new face. She reacted shyly to the applause that the crowd heaped on her.

The woman in question amazed viewers with her freshly feminine appearance. From a square jaw to a v-shaped one, the biggest change was her slimmer face.

She also had her eyes and nose touched up to give them a more dainty appearance.

While her features were still recognizable, she was notably more feminine.

At thirty-three years old, she finally felt proud of herself.

Amazingly, love soon followed afterwards as well. A doctor from the same hospital she was confined in apparently proposed to her after her surgery!

At the end of the day, the best part about Hyun Jang Jin’s journey was her renewed confidence in herself.

Source: Unbelievable Facts