Plastic Surgeons and Patients Voted For The Most Beautiful Female Faces In Korea

The surgeons and patients have the same TOP 2, but then it changes.

Plastic surgeons and patients were asked to choose which female celebrity had the most beautiful face, and among the plastic surgeons, Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona topped the list in first place!

A specialist explained that Yoona has the perfect overall ratio, but her beauty stands out because the way her eyes softly bend when she smiles is impossible to re-create through the current technology at hand!

Her overall ratio is perfect, but what makes her the most beautiful is how the tails of her eyes naturally bend when she smiles. It’s impossible to create that kind of beauty with the current technologies.

— Plastic Surgery Specialist

Red Velvet‘s Irene came in second place, with specialists praising her for having flawless features.

You can’t pin-point which feature makes her beautiful because every one of her features is beautiful. She has the perfect combination from her eyebrows to her lips.

It’s usually hard to tell idols’ exact facial features because of their stage makeup but even with makeup, Irene’s eyebrows, eyes, nose, T-Zone and more are all clear and beautiful.

— Plastic Surgery Specialist

Actresses Kim Hee Sun and Han Ye Seul were ranked 3rd and 4th respectively, continuing on their 20+ year legacy of being ranking high on the list by plastic surgeons each year!

The survey also asked plastic surgery patients on which female celebrity they wished to look like the most. Out of all of the celebrities, Irene was chosen as first.

Yoona closely followed at 2nd place.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie made her first appearance on the list at 3rd place.

Kim Tae Hee ranked 4th.

Han Ye Seul came in at 5th.

Min Hyo Rin was 6th.

And Park Min Young closed the ranking with 7th!

Out of all of the celebrities, both surgeons and patients seem to agree that Yoona and Irene are the most beautiful of them all!