A Girl Undergoes Leg Lengthening Surgery To Grow 10cm — Here’s The Before And After Results

Here’s the entire process.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Insight recently reports about a girl in Vietnam who underwent a leg-lengthening surgery. The issue soon went viral as the process is known to be painful and controversial.

The patient was originally relatively tall at 168cm, but she faced insecurities due to her slightly bowed legs. She wanted to have long, straight legs, similar to that of models. The only option for her was to artificially straighten and lengthen her calves, through surgery.

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However, this is a rather painful method as you have to break the bones, then rejoin them again after inserting a man-made extender. It takes about 3 months for the bones to set and heal. While the patient is healing, they are forbidden from moving around.

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The final result? The patient was able to obtain straighter legs. But she still had a long way to go. The patient had to undergo physiotherapy and receive treatment where they tightened the extender inside the bones, three times a day.

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The patient also had to wear a brace to support the bones for up to a year. However, she finally got the body she wanted and grew a total of 10cm post-surgery.

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Although this particular patient’s surgery seems to have been successful, this surgery comes at a price. Side-effects include not being able to walk well or back pain. Potential patients are highly advised to do extensive research and undergo medical consultations before making a decision about this procedure.

Source: Insight