Plastic Surgery Procedures in Asian and Western Countries Show Contrast in Beauty Standards

The most common plastic surgeries in the East and West show the huge difference in beauty standards.

As we live in a world that’s becoming increasingly obsessed with physical appearance, the demand for plastic surgery is on the rise—especially in Asian countries like South Korea, the plastic surgery capital of the world.

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Though many of us don’t stop to think about it, many Caucasian individuals also tend to undergo procedures to enhance their beauty, unlike the typical stereotypes people have that only Asians get plastic surgery.

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Even though people say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” you would think that a general standard of beauty would be fairly similar all around the world, regardless of ethnicity. However, when you see the two drastic differences between Asian preferences and Caucasian preferences in plastic surgery procedures, you will be left stunned.


In a previous article, we shared the 8 most popular plastic surgery procedures in Korea, one of them being the V-line jaw reduction. This procedure appeals to the many Asians who are born with a rather square jawline, unlike the sharper, smoother “V” line seen below.

Jaw reduction: before and after

As you can see, the woman in the photo had a more widened, square jawline prior to having it reduced to a “V” shape.


Caucasians who are born with the complete opposite bone structure, on the other hand, may add in extra prosthetic augmentation to create the wider structure as seen below.


With the standards of beauty and charm being completely opposite between Asians and Caucasians, check out some other before and after photos of V-line jaw reduction procedures and jawline augmentation procedures.

Jaw reduction: before and after

This Korean woman had a rougher, more square jaw line before reducing it down to a smoother “V” line.

Jaw augmentation: before and after

This Caucasian woman augmented her jawline from the smoother “V” line to a more angular jawline.

Jaw reduction: before and after

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Contrary to popular belief, men undergo plastic surgery procedures as well. Below is a Caucasian man who went from a smoother, narrower jawline to a bulkier, wider structure.

Source: Terino MD

Jaw reduction: before and after


Many Korean netizens have shown their surprise for the remarkably different views and preferences of beauty among Asians and Caucasians.

  • “I think the standards are beauty are just opposite of each other when it comes to Asians and Caucasians”
  • “It seems like Asians focus more on their facial appearances since they get their eyes, nose, and bone structure fixed as opposed to Caucasians who tend to get breast and buttock augmentations more”
  • “Asians don’t like the bulky jaws and high cheekbones while Caucasians like it better. Very interesting how different each can be.”
Source: Bada TV