Pledis Entertainment Ignores Fans Emails But Reads An Email Claiming To Be SM Entertainment

They checked the email immediately.

A Korean netizen has posted emails that she has sent to Pledis Entertainment onto her Twitter account.

In the screenshot, it is shown that she is emailing Pledis Entertainment concerning Kang Dongho, who is also known as Baekho and is currently a member of Pledis Entertainment boy group NU’EST.

The emails are left unread and unnoticed by the company.

However, when she emails the company claiming to be SM Entertainment, they are quick to read the email.

It is unknown whether the email was answered and what the email contains other than the subject header.

Fans can’t help but find it funny how they refuse to open emails concerning their concerns but immediately open an email claiming to come from a big company. Perhaps this is a way to get any entertainment company to notice you!