Here’s Why PLEDIS Staff Didn’t Know SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s Name For 2 Years

That’s more than enough time to at least figure out someone’s name.

Before SEVENTEEN made their official debut in 2015 with the iconic and catchy “Adore U”, the members made themselves known through pre-debut shows SEVENTEEN TV and SEVENTEEN Project.

While fans had been introduced to the members for the first time through the former, it turns out that PLEDIS Entertainment‘s staff were learning about him for the first time as well—specifically Wonwoo.

To join the company, Wonwoo was one of the few to pass the hardest audition there is to pass: an open audition. After being able to accomplish that, especially without any experience, it should’ve put him on the company’s radar. Instead, “the staff at PLEDIS learned his name two years after he became a trainee.

The reason why the staff hadn’t known his name for so long wasn’t because he lacked talent. It had been due to the fact that “he was so quiet” and was the kind of person who was fine without being the center of attention.

In Wonwoo’s episode of SEVENTEEN: Hit The Road, he proved that. He opened up about how his softspoken personality prevented him from connecting with others, “I always kind of had a weak presence. I’m a very introverted person naturally, so I always felt I couldn’t fit in that well anywhere since I was young.

Thanks to his fellow SEVENTEEN members, he finally found a place where he didn’t feel out of place and was able to shine without trying, “But in SEVENTEEN, I didn’t get any of that feeling. Even when I didn’t try to stand out, the members always made me stand out too somehow.

Even though Wonwoo’s introverted personality may have caused him to have a self-proclaimed “weak presence,” it’s sad to know that’s what may have prevented the staff from at least knowing his name.