Police Demonstrate How To Defend Against A Knife…Until This Happened

If you find yourself faced with an armed mugger, follow this hilariously effective lesson.

A public service announcement from Baoshan, China has gone viral for its hilarious police demonstration.


The Longyang District Branch’s Public Security Bureau‘s PSA gives citizens the most useful tip ever for defending themselves against a knife-wielding assailant.


This educational video is simple, easy, and straight to the point. It begins with an officer’s brief introduction…


…then shows the armed mugging suspect. Does the officer disarm him? Blind him with pepper spray? Deliver an epic, spinning kick? No.


He runs like hell while screaming for help!

His comedic shouting will make you laugh out loud.


According to New China TV, the PSA has gained over 16 million views on Chinese social media. On YouTube alone, it has been viewed over 1 million times in less than a week. Check it out to see why!