Police Officer Pulled Over To Save A Life But It Turns Out The “Jumper” Was Just An Enthusiastic BTS Fan

It was all a big misunderstanding.

A 103.7 Kiss FM host spotted a BTS billboard on a late-night drive and decided to pull over to take a picture, in order to capture it in all its glory. He pulled over and turned on his hazard lights.

After witnessing this, a police officer from Chattanooga Police Department pulled over because he thought the host was planning on jumping off the bridge. After having to embarrassingly explain the situation to the officer, he shared the video on Twitter.

The police officer was tracked down and he and his fellow officers actually posed with BTS merchandise, much to the delight of ARMY.

The picture that caused it all was shared as well.

ARMYs are finding the situation very funny but also appreciate that the police officer fully intended to save a life when he pulled over his cruiser.