This Popular Actress Has NEVER Been Seen Without Circle Lenses

She really loves her circle lenses!

Lee Min Jung has never (except once) been seen without circle lenses!


The actress is beautiful and gorgeous actress named Lee Min Jung.


Circle lenses are usually worn to make one’s eyes look bigger or prettier with a dash of exciting colors.


But Lee Min Jung is one case that doesn’t seem to really need to make her eyes look any bigger or prettier.

She’s famous for her natural beauty that’s accentuated by her large, doe-like eyes!


Nonetheless, she has almost never been seen without her circle lenses.

Source: LG Household & Health Care


The one time she was seen without lenses was when she got pink eye during the filming of the drama Smile, You and even then, she wore circle lens on the one eye that was okay.

You can see that her right eye is red. But even then, she wore circle lenses on the one eye that was okay! She really loves her circle lenses!


Later, she took off her circle lenses entirely and covered her bad eye with her hair.


Then eventually resorted to just wearing glasses.


Despite her love of circle lenses, fans say she looks good no matter what!

Source: Instiz
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