Popular DJ Posts Horrific Photos After Boyfriend Violently Beats Her

Warning! Graphic pictures ahead!

Popular Malaysian DJ Leng Yein just posted some grisly photos after being attacked by her boyfriend.


She’s known for her awesome mixing skills as well as for undergoing plastic surgery. But recently she’s been receiving attention for something else entirely.


She posted a video where she could be seen fighting with her boyfriend for 10 minutes. She ends up locking herself in her room and breaking down in tears.

Her public plea for help got a lot of different responses from her audience, ranging from messages of concern to others accusing her of seeking attention.


Shortly after, she posted a message about domestic violence and what her boyfriend has done to her in the past.


She included horrific pictures of what he has done to her — warning you may not want to look if you are squeamish!


Not only did he trash her room, but what he did to her is even worse.


Her face is covered in blood and bruises.


She also had bruises on her neck.


She’s received a significant injury to the back of her head.


So much so that when she touched her head, her hands came away coated in blood!


She even has bruises and blood on her legs.


And the photo she posted a photo showcasing how she hurt her hand trying to prevent him from entering her room.


She goes on to say that she is now brave enough to speak up against this kind of abuse.

“This is wrong. And I am going to finally do something about it.”  — Leng Yein


The police are currently investigating the assault, but she hopes that by her stepping forward, it will encourage other women like her to do the same. See her whole Facebook post below.

Source: Leng Yein