These Popular Idol Group Members Are Also Master Chefs

These idols not only can showcase their talents onstage, but they’re also quite talented in the kitchen as well.

Many idols appear on variety shows for a chance to prove their cooking skills. And while some end up revealing their poor cooking abilities, others exceed and easily create mouthwatering dishes.

In fact, some idols are so well-known for their cooking skills that they’ve even been compared to professional chefs.

Here are a few idols that have showcased their flawless talents in cooking:

NCT’s Jaehyun

Although many fans do not know this, Jaehyun is the best cook out of all of the members of NCT. He has appeared on Idol Chef King and even prepared octopus for his entire group.


JB was shown cooking for one of his close friends B.A.P‘s Youngjae on Celebrity Bromance. He showcased his cooking skills by making a marinated pork dish with a stew to go along with the meat.

SHINee’s Key

Key showcased his amazing cooking abilities and made a bento box on Made to Order. He also showed off his book of recipes, proving that he’s quite an experienced chef.

BTS’s Jin

Every BTS fan knows how much Jin enjoys cooking. He often posts about his cooking and has eve showcased his expert skills on the Chuseok special of Idol Chef King.


The members of EXO have talked about D.O‘s cooking skills, saying he makes great spaghetti and fried rice. He has broadcasted on V app before to showcase his cooking.

Red Velvet’s Wendy

Many fans know that Wendy loves baking. She loves baking treats for her friends and staff members, and even made a whole walnut pie for BoA‘s concert!

BTOB’s Sungjae

BTOB‘s Sungjae is known for his many talents, including his cooking. He has showcased his skills on many occasions and even placed 3rd on Idol Chef King.


Mingyu has earned the nickname MingJooBoo (Ming Housewife) because of his outstanding cooking skills. His skills shined on SEVENTEEN’s One Fine Day when he prepared and grilled mackerel, made jjajang rice, and more.

Super Junior M’s Henry

Henry was an apprentice under a famous Korean chef for a role in a movie and fell in love with it. He has showcased his skills on many occasions, most notably on I Live Alone for the Lunar New Year.

miss A’s Fei

Fei is one of the most famous idol chefs in the industry. She won first place on MasterChef Korea: Celebrity, has appeared on many cooking shows, and has even been taste approved by some of Korea’s top chefs.