The Most Popular K-Pop Idol In The Philippines, According to LAPILLUS’s Chanty

Chanty agrees that this idol will continue to be popular even after 30 years.

LAPILLUS‘s Filipina Argentinian member Chanty and Filipina actress Joyce recently got together to film a YouTube video for channel POPKORN reacting to Filipino stereotypes. They gave us the scoop regarding various things related to the Philippines, from the languages spoken to the pride of Filipinos. The girls also revealed who is known as the most famous K-Pop idol in the Philippines.

Lapillus’s Chanty | Lapillus/Facebook

Among the different questions Chanty and Joyce answered, the one that attracted the most attention from the viewers was related to K-Pop idols. The “stereotype” was that Sandara Park is the most popular Korean in the Philippines.

Sandara Park | @daraxxi/Instagram

Immediately after reading it out, both of the girls agreed with the “stereotype” and even explained why Sandara is considered the most famous Korean star in the country.


Chanty explained that a big reason why lies with the fact that Sandara was already known in the Philippines before she debuted in K-Pop. She added that after the former 2NE1 member became popular in Korea, she promoted the Philippines a lot, making every Filipino fan feel even more proud of their country.

2NE1 in the Philippines | @Jollibee/Twitter

The fact that Sandara can also speak Tagalog makes Philippines fans happily embrace her just like they would a fellow Filipino.

Chanty and Joyce also read a few comments regarding Sandara’s fame in their country.

  • “Believe me when I say Dara is really popular here in the Philippines, if you mention Korea, K-Drama, K-Pop it automatically links to Sandara Park.”
  • “Even [after] 20 or 30 years, Dara will be popular here in the Philippines!”

Both of the girls agreed with the statements and added that any K-Pop fan would know who Sandara is.

Joyce was also happy to share that she met Sandara twice. The first time they met was when Joyce was working at the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines and Sandara was invited to an event the organization held.

The second time, they met at the Filipino market in Seoul’s Hyehwa neighborhood. Joyce added that she ran into Sandara after having a meal and snapped a photo with her!


Likewise, Chanty revealed that she had seen Sandara in a hair salon while getting her makeup and hair done, but she couldn’t talk to her. The LAPILLUS star explained that she didn’t know if she could talk to a senior K-Pop idol as a trainee in Korea.

Oh my god, did I just meet Sandara sunbaenim [(industry senior)]? Oh my god! What if I speak Tagalog? Would she stop if I speak Tagalog?

— LAPILLUS’s Chanty

She also shared that she really regrets her decision, as Sandara seemed super kind and approachable.

I didn’t know if I could react because if it’s in the Philippines I would normally just say “hi” right away

— LAPILLUS’s Chanty