Popular Korean BJ Confesses She’s Afraid of Men Because of Past Abusive Relationship

The Korean broadcast jockey (BJ) Seoyoon recently made a heart-breaking confession on-air about a time when she was in an abusive relationship.

BJ Seoyoon is considered one of the most famous streamers on Afreeca TV, as she has earned over 12 billion KRW ($1.2 Million USD) in just 4 years.

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In contrast to her fun, chipper online personality, Seoyoon revealed her internal heartbreak in a serious confession.

“I was in an abusive relationship before.

It is easy to say that I should have called the cops on him, as my father is a police officer.

Nevertheless, when I was in the situation, I was not able to think rationally.

The fear takes over your feelings, and you are not able to talk to anyone.”

— BJ Seoyoon


She also confessed that due to the trauma from the beatings, her hand still shakes from time to time.

Fortunately, Seoyoon was able to escape the abusive relationship and assured her fans that she is finally in a happy relationship with a nice man.

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Viewers were grateful to Seoyoon for opening up and sharing her experiences, especially considering it might give hope to current abuse victims.

” Thank you so much Seoyoon for sharing your experience.

This would not have been easy for you but with your beautiful smile on your face at all times, it was hard for us fans to know that you went through such dark period.

Now you have us, please be happy!”

“Forget about the painful past, and have a good life!”

Source: Insight