Popular Korean Streamer Narrowly Escapes Being Kidnapped And Her Story Is Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

Kkotbin is a popular female BJ (broadcast jockey) who often shares strange or scary incidents that happened to her.

Image Source: @flowervin7

In one episode, Kkotbin shared a horrifying story that showed just how dangerous the world can be.

One night, Kkotbin went drinking with her friends and tried hailing a cab home once it went past midnight.

When a taxi arrived, for some reason, she wanted to sit in the front seat rather than the back, like she always did.

“I always sat in the back in a taxi, but on that day, when I saw the taxi driving in, for some weird reason I just wanted to sit in the front, when I’ve never sat in the front seat of a taxi before.”

— BJ Kkotbin

To her horror, when she opened door the passenger’s seat, she saw a scary looking taxi driver glaring back at her.

At first, she ignored his glares and tried to get in, but realized a man in a black windbreaker was crouched under the dashboard.

Kkotbin was so scared that she froze in the spot and couldn’t even run away from how scared she was.

As the taxi driver spotted her staring in shock, he told her something that sent chills down her spine.

“Hey, just close the door and go. You better consider yourself lucky.”

— Taxi driver

Fortunately, Kkotbin was safe after he sped off, but she developed a fear of taxis for a while.

Now, she always checks the front seat before getting into one, and warns all girls to do the same.

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