Actual Proof That The Website Pornhub Is Into BTS New Album

ARMYs all over the world were super excited for BTS’s comeback, but no one knew Pornhub was an ARMY too.

A day before BTS released their latest mini-album, Love Yourself: Her, Pornhub’s official Twitter account tweeted this:

The next day, Pornhub sent out another tweet that confirmed their previous tweet was, in fact, related to BTS’s comeback.

One ARMY theorized either it may have been for exposure, or the person behind Pornhub’s account was an avid ARMY.

Shortly after, Pornhub responded and clarified that they were an ARMY.

Needless to say, ARMYs and K-Pop fans alike all had an absolute field day on Twitter.

Some ARMYs even theorized that the staff at Pornhub saw the episodes of Bon Voyage season 2 uploaded on to their site and became ARMYs.

Earlier this year, ARMYs began uploading BTS’s reality show Bon Voyage on Pornhub to avoid copyright infringement.

BTS New Show Uploaded To Pornhub

Welcome to the fandom, Pornhub!