The Power Of The ‘BTS Effect’ Came Into Full Force After J-Hope’s Bracelet Making Live Stream

The power they have is truly world-class.

On May 14, BTS’s J-Hope held an hour long live stream session making handmade bracelets for the members. In the live stream, he chose adorable charms that matched each of the members, including animals such as a koala for RM and a bunny for Jungkook.

Not long after the session ended, fans found out where the charms were from and even the brand acknowledged that they were in fact the brand that J-Hope was using for his bracelets.

The accessory brand even made a post through their official Instagram account thanking J-Hope for using their charms.

Yes you have come the right place. We love you J-Hope. We love you BTS. Please come visit Auroracoden for cute charms. Orders are flooding in as we speak! I think we are receiving orders ever 4-50 seconds! Thank you so much.

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Just one day after the live stream, the brand posted an announcement stating that they have sold out temporarily and will restock very soon.

Hello this is Auroracoden shopping mall. First off, we would like to thank everyone who has been a customer of our brand. Thank you. Currently, part of our stock has sold out due to the influx of orders received. We will restock by 5/19-20. (The purple alpaca pendant will restock on 5/27). We are sorry for the inconvenience and we will continue to strive to be a brand that brings good quality items at a reasonable price.

It seems as if anything BTS does, wears, or says becomes a trend in the world of K-Pop fans and it’s no different with these charms J-Hope used to make bracelets. Big or small, it doesn’t matter when it comes to BTS’s power and influence they have to the world!