A P-Pop Fan Asked An Idol For Money, Her Reaction Goes Viral

That’s what you call an idol.

An old video of a Filipina idol member’s kind actions toward her fan is going viral.

Maloi Ricalde from the P-POP group BINI was filmed giving “pamasahe”—transportation money—to the friend of Twitter (X) user @mikaapink. The fan documented their brief interaction which was captured last August at the 2023 Malaya Music Fest.

Maloi Ricalde

In the video, the fan took his chance and jokingly asked for fare money to get home after the event.

Maloi, [can you give me money to get home]?

— Fan of BINI

To his surprise, the idol approached him after the event and fulfilled his request. She handed him a PHP 1,000 (around $18 USD) bill with the words, “Stay safe.”

This resurfaced video quickly went viral, being viewed almost two million times and ‘liked’ 16,000 times in just under a day.

Fans took to social media to express their awe at Maloi’s actions, proud about stanning an idol who does sweet things like this.

They were also amazed at the amount of money that Maloi gave. With PHP 1,000 ($18 USD) the fan would be able to commute home from the venue, Okada Manila, to anywhere in Metro Manila and likely still have change.

Maloi Ricalde, dubbed “The Nation’s Girlfriend,” by fans, is one of eight members of the P-Pop group BINI, “a girl group composed of young, modern Filipinas who aspire to share their talent and passion with the world.”

Maloi | @bini_maloi/Instagram
Source: Twitter