Pre-debut footage of Kim Taehee in school with no makeup

Video of popular actress Kim Tae Hee from before she became famous was recently released and fans can’t get over her ageless beauty and fresh-faced look.

Actress Kim Tae Hee is certainly well-known for being incredibly beautiful both inside and out, but her educational background is equally impressive and respectable. Fifteen years ago, the beautiful actress attended Seoul National University, one of the nation’s most elite and exclusive universities.

On a recent episode of Naver‘s TV Cast program Time Machine TV, Kim Tae Hee’s university days were revealed as they showed how she spent her lunch with friends while also trying to manage her modeling schedule.

In the video, Kim Tae Hee is dressed casually in a pink polo shirt with a matching headband and no makeup, yet she’s still glowing and looking as beautiful as ever.

After lunch, Kim Tae Hee went to an advertising firm to discuss the details of a commercial she would shoot and showed the camera her amazing visuals with makeup that was trendy in the early 2000s.

What a trip down memory lane!

Check out the video of Kim Tae Hee in University:

Source: Dispatch