Pre-Debut Friend of BTS’s J-Hope Shares His Story On How They Met In A Past Blog Post

J-hope’s talent was acknowledged even when he was younger.

A past blog post from 2015 written by BTS J-Hope’s middle school friend resurfaced online as it revealed the friend’s story of how he met J-Hope as well as photos of the two of them at school.

The first post on the blog revealed that this site was run by three medical students who wanted to use this blog to review and share different movies, dramas and music from a medical student’s perspective.

After his short review on BTS’s “I NEED U” music video, he reveals a short message on how he met J-Hope.

As a guy, BTS is the only boy idol group that I keep a look out for because one of the members is a friend that I met in middle school. I first met him in elementary school at an after-school academy. We also ended up going to the same middle school and stayed friends until we met in the same class during our last year. The friend I am referring to is J-Hope (Jung Hoseok).

It seemed like J-Hope was talented even at a young age as he was cast for a musical.

Hoseok was good at dancing and had a lot of skills since middle school. I even remember him doing a dance performance at our school festival. He also did several dance competitions and won awards too. We were going to the movies once and he got cast on the street and ended up playing the main role in some musical too.

After going separate ways, the friend continued to hear news of J-Hope going to auditions and becoming a trainee for a group.

After middle school, we went to different high schools and it was harder to keep in touch. I later heard that he auditioned for JYP and was a trainee there. A year later, I heard more news that he tried out for Hit It auditions from Big Hit and was a BTS trainee. This was in 2011 and after their official debut in 2013, they are receiving the spotlight now in 2015.

After much debate, he decided to share photos he had on his phone of him and J-Hope.

I have some cell phone photos from our middle school days and I debated a bit on whether or not to post these but here they are.

It seems like their words became a reality!

Back then we took this photos saying, “Maybe these photos will go around later as ‘Jung Hoseok’s past photos’” and it’s actually become a reality. Hoseok, I will continue to support you from afar. So please continue to show us your best.

Fans who read the post were touched to see such a sweet and supportive friend. They hoped that this would somehow reach J-Hope so that the two friends could reconnect after all these years.

It is friends like this that allow artists and celebrities to keep moving forward and doing what they love! I guess fans also now know where these pre-debut photos of J-Hope came from!

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