Before Debuting, These 2 Idols Were Called Instagram Goddesses

These social media pictures made them famous even before they became idols!

MOMOLAND‘s JooE and LOONA‘s Chuu have been popular way before they debuted as K-Pop idols. The two were well-known Instagram goddesses, whose past uploads have gone even more viral since their debut.

MOMOLAND’s JooE (Left) and LOONA’s Chuu (Right)


Pictures of MOMOLAND’s JooE from pre-debut days have received a lot of attention, as JooE looks like a different person from the bubble of fun she is now.

JooE looks beautiful in her school uniform.


After seeing this picture, some fans are asking that JooE goes back to having black hair!


Haters criticize and say that her pictures looked photo shopped, but JooE is beautiful regardless.


LOONA’s Chuu has been crowned by fans as the “Perfect Girlfriend Material” with these adorable pictures from her past.

Though this looks like it’s straight out of an album photo shoot, it’s Chuu in her school uniform!


Chuu had the body even before she debuted. She looks like a fairy in white!


She does this hand gesture in a lot of her pictures. It’s Chuu’s signature pose!


Both JooE and Chuu were born to be stars!

Source: Dispatch