President Moon Jae In Has His Own Lightstick Now And Everyone Is Falling In Love With It

Thanks to creative fans, he now has a lightstick!

A lightstick is one of the ultimate fan items. After all, fans can show their favorite group a whole lot of love and support with their lightsticks, easily tell what fandoms fellow K-Pop stans are in, and more with them. It’s an item that every fandom loves and now there’s a new lightstick in town that’s been turning heads!


Recently, K-Pop fans have been falling in love with a brand new lightstick — President Moon Jae In‘s lightstick! Thanks to some creative fans of the South Korean president, he now has his own official lightstick.


Going with a moon theme, his lightstick features a beautiful moon center that gives off a light and calming glow. The base is also said to be detachable so it can turn into a mood light!


The pretty Moon Bong has been stealing hearts with many netizens expressing their desire to buy one and even bringing some envy among other fandoms for being so beautiful!

Hul the president’s lightstick is so pretty. It’s okay to take it off and use it as a mood light too… I wanted to buy it but it’s out of stock ㅜㅜ

Ah, I’m so proud of you Mr. President. Your lightstick is prettier than ours.


If this version is already this pretty, who knows how amazing the next version will be! What do you think of President Moon’s lightstick?