President Moon Jae In Used To Be Special Forces…And He Looked Like A Total Badass

These images of President Moon Jae In have been going viral and here’s what people think about it.

These images of President Moon Jae In during his military services days have gone viral for his charismatic visuals.


President Moon Jae In, who used to be a student activist, was conscripted into the South Korean special forces.


It has been said that he was one of the many who were “forced” into enlisting in the army for their participation in activities as activists.

Source: Donga Ilbo


Despite the reason for his conscription, however, he has even received commendations from the commander of special forces and former-president Chun Doo Hwan for his outstanding work.


His skills most likely played a part in the badass aurora that he exudes in the pictures.


Netizens have been commenting on his extraordinary presence and especially his fierce jawline.

  • “That Jawline is stronger than the cease fire agreement”
  • “Hey at least now we know why he dares to cross the boundaries although it’s not scripted, he don’t need no other weapons or bodyguards. He has his jawline hidden under that smile.”
  • “That jawline is bigger and more well-defined than the DMZ line.”
  • “Ridiculously Photogenic President”
  • “A very handsome badass!”


Decades later, he still exudes the same confidence he had when he was in the special forces.


And his story continues to inspire the future Korean soldiers of today!


A charismatic man from beginning to end!

Source: Sisa Week
Source: Power of Truth and Huffington Post