PRISTIN RoA’s Sexy Performance Goes Viral

Pristin’s RoA is gathering attention for her sexy performance of the group’s follow up song.

The group ended promotions for their debut song “Wee Woo” a while ago and have been promoting their follow-up track “Black Widow”.

However, it was only recently that a fancam of member RoA performing the song has been gaining attention.

The group performed the song at the 2017 uClean Concert and fans couldn’t help but notice RoA’s strong and sexy aura as she danced.

The concept of the song is a complete change from the bright and energetic images shown while they were promoting their debut track.

“Black Widow” however has a concept and choreography that allows the girls to show off their stronger and sexier side.

Not only does RoA perform this song perfectly, she actually co-wrote this song with fellow members Sungyeon and Rena, showing how talented she really is.