PRISTIN’s Eunwoo and Kyulkyung under fire for allegedly going to a night club

PRISTIN’s Eunwoo and Kyulkyung took one innocent selfie with fans, and the picture went viral, as the netizens speculate where the picture was taken.

A netizen posted a picture of Kyulkyung and Eunwoo, with black top and black shorts posing for a picture with three of the unknown girls.

There were bright lights and crowdy background, which appeared to be a club scene.

Below the picture, a fan posted a frustration about Kyulkyung’s presumed insincerity.

“I watched a behind the scene video of Mcountdown and the staff asked Kyulkyung, ‘Kyulkyung, shouldn’t you go to night-clubs with the older members once you turn 20?’

Then Kyulkyung cut her right away and answered:

“I won’t go to such place.”

I was kind of surprised to see her behaving exactly opposite of what she had said”

Source: Pann

More netizens added their thoughts too and most of them are negative.

– But seriously.. don’t you think that other girl groups don’t want to go play outside too? They are a girl group who hasn’t even debuted for a year and there are already photos at the club

– But do you think that there are fans who like seeing their bias go to clubs? Of course, they will be shocked

– But me too I find this so-so.. I’m also a fan of female idols but if our kids were to go to a club and take pictures, I would find this a bit… I know that they are not acting promiscuous but I will still get a bit of a wake up call..?

An anxious fan found a Weibo account of one of the girls in the picture and asked for the whole background story.

As it turns out, the picture was not taken in a club but on a street during a Halloween festival in Itaewon, and further pictures prove that the girls were in fact at the Halloween festival that day.

Kyulkyung and Eunwoo’s fans are asking the netizens to check the facts first before jumping into conclusion too soon and spread a false rumor.

Kyulkyung and Eunwoo must be so proud of their fans who will do anything to stand up for the artists.

Source: Pann, The qoo