PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung Goes Super Sexy During Recent Performance

PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung was exploding with sexiness on stage during the Park Concert.

Along with “WEE WOO” and “WE LIKE”, the girls performed one of their lesser known tracks, “Black Widow”.

Kyulkyung, especially, rocked the girl-crush concept and looked stunning while flawlessly carrying out the choreography.

Her epic hair-flip that drove everyone crazy!

Kyulkyung showed off her strong stage presence and charisma by doing extra hair flips throughout the performance.

She melted hearts with her beautiful smile before bringing the sexy back five seconds later.

Kyulkyung definitely seduced everyone with her enchanting facial expressions!

She did another sexy hair flip while showing off her amazing body line.

Everyone became speechless whenever she flipped her hair to one side, which made her look extra sexy!

Many fans have been hoping that PRISTIN will have a girl-crush concept for a comeback in the future!

Check out the full video of Kyulkyung slaying the performance below!