Produce 101 A Team Performed A Special Stage On M COUNTDOWN

The A level trainees of Produce 101 Season 2 got the huge benefit of performing their song “Pick Me” on Mnet‘s M! COUNTDOWN‘s stage thanks to their talent.

Produce 101 Season 2 announced that only those who are currently in the A level class would get a chance to perform on stage!

After a second reevaluation, the number of trainees in the A level class increased from 7 to 15.

They got this opportunity on a recent airing of Mnet‘s M! COUNTDOWN where these 15 trainees performed their hit song “Pick Me”

At the center was the original center trainee Lee Daehwi.

The trainees currently in level A are Lee Daehwi, Kim SamuelKim SangbinNoh TaehyunHa SeongwoonPark WoojinIm Youngmin, Park Ji HoonKim SeongriOng SeongwooWoo JinyoungLee WoojinKang DanielKim NamhyungKim Taedong, and Ahn Hyeongseop.

Watch the performance below!