Produce 101 Contest Becomes Viral Meme After Sharing His Special Talent

A trainee on Produce 101 has instantly turned into a viral meme amongst the K-Pop community after being asked to show his “special talent”.

22-year-old Jo Sung Wook has only been a trainee with OUI Entertainment for two months, but he’s already become famous!

Produce 101 has every contestant make a short introduction video so viewers can learn more about the trainees. In the video, trainees show off their special talents to distinguish themselves from each other and share their personalities.

It seems Sung Wook believes his special talent is being able to imitate animals! In his video, he crawls around like a spider in the most hilarious way possible.

Check out the original video and the memes that followed below:


An entire twitter account, Sungwook crawls to, was dedicated to this contestant’s talent. The account uploaded clips of many songs that matched the beat of Sung Wook stealthily crawling on the floor.

Sungwook crawls to “Crawling” by Linkin Park

Sungwook crawls to “Cypher Pt. 4” by BTS

Sungwook crawls to NCT Dream Chenle Laughing

According to some fans, Sung Wook is aware of becoming a meme and even replied to some of his fans who direct messaged him.