This Produce 101 Contestant Turned Down Being A Professional Gamer To Become An Idol

This Produce 101 contestant turned down offers from professional gaming teams to pursue his dream of becoming an idol.

Choi Dong Ha posted on his personal Facebook that he was ranked 30 worldwide in the popular multiplayer game Overwatch.

He was even scouted by multiple professional teams but turned them down in order to become a singer. He took to Facebook to explain his decision.

“This is Produce 101 Sesaon 2 individual trainee Choi Dong Ha.

I am ranked 30th worldwide for a game that I play as a hobby and I have received offers to become a pro-gamer, but my dream is to become a singer and perform on stage. I am very eager for the performances where I can let my voice be known to the national producers.

Please vote for Choi Dong Ha so I can achieve my dreams!!!”

— Choi Dong Ha

Choi Dong Ha initially received a C ranking but was upgraded to B during the judge’s second ranking evaluations, and has been gaining recognition for his stage presence.

As of the most recent episode, he is ranked 73rd out of 98 trainees.

Watch him perform Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” below.

Source: Insight