Produce 101 Ha Minho’s alleged ex-girlfriend claims he sexually and verbally harassed her

Ha Minho‘s alleged ex-girlfriend posted a series of tweets claiming she was sexually and verbally harassed while dating him.

Former Produce 101 contestant Ha Minho was recently removed from the show and his contract terminated from his agency following reports of him personally contacting his fans through social media.

An anonymous Twitter user claiming to be his ex-girlfriend from middle school uploaded a series of tweets alleging that Ha Minho often sexually harassed her, in addition to verbally abusing and ostracizing her.

She also added a photo of the graduation photo album from Seoun Middle School, the school she used to attend with Ha Minho at the time, as a form of evidence to show that she did indeed attend school with him.

Below are the full translations of her tweets:

“Hello. I am a person who experienced bullying, sexual harrassment, and verbal abuse from Ha Minho in 8th grade. I attended Seoun Middle School, and during my attendance there I dated Ha Minho. At the time, Ha Minho was highly influential at Seoun Middle School, and he always had superiority over the kids who thought they could pick on anyone.To them, it was nothing to ostracize someone as a whole group, or indirectly attack someone on Cyworld.

In their male-only group chat room, they would talk about unspeakable things that really crossed the line.

While I was dating Ha Minho, I constantly had to listen to him when he said ‘Let’s meet in an empty classroom after school’, and everyone knew it as fact that he would force a kiss on me or touch me when I didn’t want him to.For those reasons, I used his excessive skinship as a problem and broke up with Ha Minho, but whenever I walked in the hallway or just around school, his group would whisper and spread rumors about me being a slut. Their bullying followed me around for a while ever since.

I have no form of evidence because he deleted all social media accounts that had evidence. Even Ha Minho’s middle school friends are cleaning up their image and keeping their mouths shut.

I’m hoping other victims will read this and upload more evidence proving their experiences, and if Ha Minho comes across this post then I would like to request he give a sincere apology and leave the program.

There may be people who think I’m writing this because I want to intentionally damage Ha Minho’s image by emotionally venting without any kind of evidence. But the reason why I’m revealing these facts now is because I only use Twitter and I’m not very interested in entertainment, but when I saw tweets about Produce 101 on my timeline, that’s how I found out Ha Minho was on the show.

I also made sure to check if the Ha Minho on Produce 101 was the Ha Minho that I knew, and I spent a lot of time looking for evidence before posting this. (Cyworld, Kakaostory, Facebook, Ask) That’s why it took me so long to post this message.

I don’t have any real evidence that could truly prove what happened to me because Ha Minho deleted his old Facebook in 11th grade and then made a new account.

But I even considered committing suicide because of Ha Minho, and I never even received a proper apology. I was so scared to relive the memories and go back to school so I gave up my dream of attending a co-ed school and had a tough time living a normal life.

I found myself starting to get used to this situation and eventually I fell into a state where I didn’t even know what was considered sexual harassment. When I saw that people were actually buying his fake character and showing sympathy on the show, I felt incredibly let down and disgusted.

You may think that things have changed now and the past is in the past, but he constantly sexually harassed middle school students when he was in high school, asking them to sleep with him. From what I know, the program’s main audience are women, and contestants are voted on to appear on the show and debut.

I’m uploading this text in hopes that he thinks about how powerless he’s making victims like us feel for fooling the viewers of the show and using his gender power to shamelessly pretend like nothing happened.”

— @hachahae