People Are Calling This “Produce 101 Japan” Trainee an Idol Version of Simon Dominic

Simon D, is that you?

Produce 101 Japan‘s Ohira Shosei is gaining overwhelming attention in Korean online communities due to how closely he resembles the rapper, Simon Dominic.

The photos shared in the posts show Ohira Shosei flaunting big puppy-dog eyes and features that surprisingly look like that of Simon Dominic.

Simon Dominic has always been known for his handsome visuals, and Ohira Shosei doesn’t fall behind as he continues to gain popularity on the survival reality program.

Fans think the resemblance is so uncanny that they’re calling him Simon Dominic’s idol version doppelganger.

With how famous he’s becoming due to his familiar visuals, fans are anticipating what kind of influence he’ll have in Korea after Produce 101 Japan.

Check out some more photos of Ohira Shosei below:

Source: Insight