Produce 101 Fans Can’t Believe Lee Woo Jin’s 1-Year Transformation

His growth spurt is unreal!

It’s only been a year since Produce 101 Season 2, but Lee Woo Jin has gone through major physical changes in that short span of time.


Lee Woo Jin was born on April 2, 2003, making him Produce 101 Season 2‘s youngest contestant. The first episode aired on April 7, 2017, just 5 days after Lee Woojin’s 14th birthday.


During his time on the show, Lee Woo Jin became known for his adorable visuals and small stature. He was approximately 166cm when the show began filming.


Who could have predicted that this squishy cutie would transform into…


…this towering visual king. Lee Woo Jin is now reportedly 179cm tall, which means he shot up 13 cm in one year!


This makes Lee Woo Jin only 1 centimeter shorter than former Produce 101 contestant Kang Daniel of Wanna One!


Fans can’t get over Lee Woo Jin’s shocking growth spurt…


…or his maturing visuals.


Since leaving the show, Lee Woo Jin has continued promoting with his group, TheEastLight, under the name WooJin and is becoming more handsome every day!