“Produce X 101” Kim Mingyu Gains Attention For Looking Like BTS’s Jin

It is uncanny!

Who knew a day like this would come? A few eagle-eyed fans have managed to find a rare lookalike of BTS‘s Jin. Given Jin’s nickname as Worldwide Handsome, it’s not every day that fans would be willing to accept a claim that anyone looks even remotely similar to the star. However, this young actor had even ARMYs doing a double take with how similar he looks to Jin.

The rookie actor is none other than Kim Mingyu! Fans couldn’t help notice how suave he looks in his role as an idol on jtbc‘s IDOL: The Coup.

| jtbc

From his nose to his slightly hooded eyes, to his cherry-like lips, they all look quite similar to that of Jin’s. We especially see it in his eyes and plump lips.

| jtbc

His face shape and jawline is also comparable to Jin’s.

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Here’s a picture of Jin himself for side by side comparison.

Of course, we’re not saying they’re complete dopplegangers! Both men have their own charms and beauty.

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Most agree that Kim Mingyu looks exceptionally like Jin in this scene from the drama, perhaps due to the idol getup. Some point out they see a little bit of ASTRO‘s Eunwoo in him as well.

  • “That picture looks so alike.”
  • “He really looks alike in the post”
  • “He looks like Jin here but normally he looks different.”
  • “Wow it’s been a long time, Mingyu.”
  • “If you glance over, he looks alike but I’m more surprised that it’s Mingyu.. I couldn’t recognize him.”
  • “Their facial features are both neat and their jawlines are sharp. They have similar characteristics? In the post they look alike but also kind of different. Anyway, the common point is they’re both handsome.”

For those that are wondering where they’ve seen Mingyu from before, he was a participant in Produce X 101! He almost very nearly made it to the debut team, X1, but did not make the final cut sadly. Mingyu has been active as a rookie actor. Here is a picture from his Produce X 101 days! Due to him maturing as he grows older, his jawline filled out and his double-eyelids disappeared due to some healthy (and natural!) weight gain. This made him look even more like Jin, who’s known for his slim face but adorable cheeks!

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Source: theqoo