JBJ Kim Yongguk Has Completely Changed Since Produce 101 Season 2

He’s a completely different person now.

JBJ’s Kim Yongguk was known as the contestant without a friend on Produce 101 Season 2.

He would wrap himself in a blanket and isolate himself, while the other contestants mingled together in the dorms.

He earned the nickname “Sad KIMbap” for this scene.

But Yongguk complete changed 180 degrees after debuting as a member of JBJ!

Instead of isolating himself into a corner, he’s started talking a lot more and fans were able to see him literally brighten as the days progressed!

Now, he’s always smiling in front of his fans and messing around with his members.

Instead of creating space between him and others, he can’t be close enough to them!

He interacts so happily with every one of his members, older and younger!

And he revealed why he’s changed so much… It was because of his JBJ brothers.

A fan asked him for the reason behind his newfound joy, and he answered… “Because I’m with my JBJ members.

“@JBJSorori: What is JBJ to you, Yongguk?

Yongguk: The best decision of my life.”

It clearly shows how much his members influence him. He’s constantly opening up more and more, learning new things.

And they can’t get enough of Yongguk as well!

Here’s to JBJ and Yongguk’s eternal happiness!

Source: Nate Pann